Our Story

It all started with an idea to start our own mobile coffee cart to take to local food and drink events around the island. The aim was to have a bit of fun and see how we got on. As we we went to more events we found ourselves with big cue’s and a bit of a following. Quite unbelievable and unexpected to say the least! As the next year or two went by we found that we were having a number of enquiries to see if we would sell coffee machines. At that time we were not in a position to do so but thought it worthy of more research in the possibilities of it. Fast forward a wee bit and we got the ball rolling with renting machines to local companies around the island. Our first big customer was EVF and that’s where it all got very serious for us. Our machine rentals and sales gained pace and demand was strong.

Fast forward a few years and we find ourselves working with some of the biggest business’ in the world on our tiny island of Mann! Being one for learning, I am fascinated with how the hospitality industry works and I have always enjoyed speaking with our customers to learn of their experinces on how they think of new ideas and keep their business fresh and current. It wasn’t until my wife and I travelled New Zealand on our honeymoon that my eyes were properly opened to how strong the Indy’s were in our industry and how well they were supported by there locals and this is where my idea for Conrod’s came about. The idea was simple. Marry our knowledge of great coffee and equipment up with my racing exploits and tell the story. Since opening its been a great experience and we love meeting our customers and creating a true biker destination.