Conrod’s Pizzeria

The Conrod’s Pizzeria idea came about after the property that we occupy came up in the local news where Ramsey Town Commisioners were looking for expressions of interest. I thought if I won it what would I put in there. Being a lover of pizza I saw the opportuity to build our own pizzeria and marry that to our coffee offering.

Again we worked with local tradesmen to help build the idea and we chose to invest in a state of the art Gozney wood fired oven. It’s a mighty piece of kit and produces fantastic pizza. Of course this wouldn’t work without our fantastic pizza chef’s and waiting on staff. Conrod’s Pizzeria is fully licensed for the sale of alcohol and we serve quality wines, ales and spirits.

Pizzeria Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday:
10:00 – 21:00 (Pizza served from 16:00)

Daytime Menu

Espresso – £1.70
Cartado – £2.00
Flat White – £2.50
Latte – £2.65
Cappuccino – £2.65
Americano – £2.25

Toast with butter or Vegan spread – £2.50

Fruit Granola – with Vegan yoghurt and summer berry compote and Honey – £3.95

Teacake or crumpets – with butter or vegan spread – £2.00

Homemade pain au chocolat – £2.50

Avocado, feta, cherry tomato and pesto on toast’ – £6.95

Eggs Royale – Smoked salmon, Poached egg, spinach grilled tomato and lemon and chive beurre blanc – £7.95

Eggs Benedict – with Bacon, Poached eggs, grilled tomato, spinach and whole grain mustard beurre Blanc – £7.95

Bacon and sausage, fried egg and cheese – £7.00

BLT-Bacon – lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise toasted sandwich served with a garnish – £6.50

BLT vegan style – Tofu bacon, lettuce, tomato and vegan mayonnaise toasted sandwich served with a garnish– £6.00

Fish and chips – Beer battered cod and chips, served with mushy peas and tartare sauce– £9.50

Conrods cheese on toast – Mature cheddar with red onion marmalade, served with a garnish– £5.50

Soup of the day – £4.00, add a sandwich – £6.00

Dirty chips – homemade chips, crispy bacon, spring onions and melted cheese,
served with sour cream – £6.50

Chicken schnitzel – served with chips, Salad garnish and garlic aioli– £9.50

Vegan schnitzel – served with chips, Salad garnish and garlic aioli– £9.50

Classic Caesar salad – with a choice of chicken and bacon or feta cheese and tofu bacon– £9.95

Evening Menu

Soup of the day – Homemade daily served with warm crusty bready – £4.50

Gambas pil pil – King Prawn in chilli and roasted garlic and lime oil served with a wedge of bloomer bread – £6.95

Baked Camembert – baked with olive oil, garlic and rosemary and served with a side of crostini – £6.50

Cajun spiced chicken goujons – served with a garnish and a sweet chilli dipping sauce – £6.95

Thai style fish cakes – served with a garnish and a sweet chilli dipping sauce – £6.50

Mediterranean sharing platter for 2 – A selection of med breads served with Hummus, olives,feta cheese and a balsamic dipping oil – £8.95

8oz sirloin steak – served with home cooked chips, grilled tomato, mushroom and homemade onion rings – £18.95

8oz Rump steak – served with homemade chips, grilled tomato, mushrooms and homemade onion rings– £15.50

Steaks served with a choice of Peppercorn, tomato, hollandaise Stilton or Bearnaise sauce

‘At the boathouse’ chicken – served with garlic butter and topped with pepperoni, Conrod’s pizza sauce, and buffalo Mozzarella cheese served with homemade chips and side salad– £10.75

Seafood tagliatelle – An array of mixed seafood served in a creamy tarragon rich sauce a topped fresh Rocket and parmesan shavings– £12.95

Pea and mint tortellini – served with rocket
and parmesan shavings– £9.95

Spaghetti and meatballs – served in our unique spiced tomato and basil sauce finished with fresh basil and parmesan shavings– £10.95

Tagliatelle Alla Puttannesca – A Luscious bowl of pasta with anchovies,
fresh chillies, capers, cherry tomatoes and olives bringing alive fiery flavours finished with flat leaf parsley and Parmesan– £11.50

Garlic bread 10inch – £5.50 with Cheese – £6.50

Dirty chips – Homemade chips topped with crispy bacon, spring onion and mature cheddar cheese, served with sour cream– £7.50

Chips – A side of homemade chips served with dips– £3.75

Rustic salad bowl – Rocket, red onion, cherry tomatoes, olives and parmigiana cheese served with an olive oil and pesto salad dressing– £4.50

MARGHERITA – pizza sauce, buffalo mozzarella, topped with fresh basil – 10” £6.95 12” £10.95

CONROD’S Quattro formaggi – pizza sauce, feta, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan shavings – 10” £9.50 12” £14.50

Per bello Danielle – pizza sauce, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, Parma ham, olive oil, rocket and parmesan shavingsl – 10” £9.75 12” £15.00

CONROD’S KIEV (CALZONE) – Garlic butter, chicken, spinach, sundried tomatoes, pepperoni, Parma ham and mozzarella cheese – £15.50

Vegetariana – pizza sauce, aubergine, bell peppers, olives, mushrooms, red onion, sweetcorn and mozzarella cheese – 10” £9.50 12” £14.50

Prosciutto and fungi – pizza sauce Parma ham and mushroom topped with mozzarella cheese – 10” £8.50 12” £12.50

Frutti de mare – King prawn, shrimp, squid, mussels and anchovies with buffalo Mozzarella and fresh basil – 10” £10.00 12” £15.50

Medditerranea – pizza sauce, feta, buffalo mozzarella, rocket, cherry tomatoes and olive oil – 10” £9.00 12” £13.00

Banchetto di carne – pizza sauce, salami, chicken, pepperoni, Parma ham and mozzarella cheese – 10” £10.00 12” £15.50

Diavola – pizza sauce, salami, chilli peppers, bell peppers, red onion, spicy beef and mozzarella – 10” £8.50 12” £14.00

Home made brownie sundae – ice cream, chocolate ganache & brownie – £5.50

Home made sticky toffee pudding – chefs own recipe served with butter scotch sauce – £5.50

Very berry eaton mess – selection of summer berries, fresh cream, meringue & fruit coulis – £5.50